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  **DISCONTINUED** UV Cell Phone Sanitizer
UV Cell Phone Sanitizer



2-Year Warranty

Two Year Replacement Warranty offers a free replacement unit for up to 2 years [Add $5.00]

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Put a stop to dirty talk

Think about all the things you touch all day, and the germs that end up on your hands. Then think about that slick, greasy film on the surface of your cell picks up all those germs and becomes a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. And then you hold it next to your face and ear! YUCK! The question is, how do you get those germs off?

The answer, the Violife Cell Phone Sanitizer. Place your cell phone, Bluetooth headset, earbuds, MP3 player, or anything that will fit, in the sanitizer and replace the lid. Germicidal UV rays will do the rest, leaving your items germ-free and ready for use. With our cell phone sanitizer, you don't have to worry about harsh detergents from wipes or sprays ruining your phone. A wipe down on your pants or with a plain cloth just won't do the trick, but our sanitizer will!

Works with devices with the following max dims: 3"W x 0.75"D x 5"H (designed for flat phones and PDA's. Not designed for flip phones or sliders. Good for all iPhones. iPhone 5 without case. Will not work with new larger phones.)
Our UV Cell Phone Sanitizer eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria on cell phones, MP3 players, PDAs, earbuds, and bluetooth headsets
- Germicidal UV light kills strep, e.coli, salmonella, listeria, and H1N1 virus
- Perfect for home or office
- Makes a great gift
- Sanitizes in under 5 minutes
- Dual lifetime UV bulbs
- Uses 3 AA batteries
- Works with devices with the following max dims: 3 L x 0.75 W x 5 H inches (designed for flat phones and PDA's. Not designed for flip phones or sliders)

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