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Have You Cleaned Your Toothbrush Today?

Violife toothbrush sanitizers kill 99.9% of the germs that simple rinsing leaves behind

Odds are good that you clean your silverware, cups, plates, and bowls – almost anything that goes into your mouth or touches something that does – after every use. Why not your toothbrush?

Unlike most of the other things you put in your mouth every day, your toothbrush has tightly packed bristles which form nooks and crannies that hold on to moisture, forming a perfect sanctuary for germs that cause illnesses like flu, cold, and diarrhea.

Bacteria are introduced into your toothbrush in many ways. Some come from your own mouth, others are airborne, and still more sail to your brush on water droplets launched form the toilet when you flush. However they get there, you can bet that once they’ve found your toothbrush, the germs are there to stay.

If left unchecked these bacteria will multiply, filling your brush with colony after colony of potentially disease causing germs. By the time you are ready to toss out your brush you could be putting thousands, if not millions, of bacteria in your mouth every time you brush.

Violife sanitizers use the same ultraviolet technology found in hospitals and high end water purification systems to hit the germs where they live – in your toothbrush. The UV rays penetrate areas that you simply can’t reach when running your brush under the tap, then safely and effectively obliterate 99.9% of disease causing germs.

You could disinfect all the brushes in your house by hand after every use, but that takes time. You could put your brushes in the dishwasher, and spend even more time removing the gooey nuggets that become lodged in the bristles. Or, you could use Violife.

Simply place your brush into the Violife container. The germicidal UV bulb will slowly eliminate the germs on your brush over the course of several minutes before shutting off automatically, saving you time and energy costs. The next time you need your brush it will be there, fresh, clean, and ready to go.