About Us

Who we are

At Violife, we encompass passion, creativity, and the entrepreneurial spirit to inspire everyone striving to be healthy, happy and stylish in their choices – and have a great experience in the process. We stand by what we love, and that’s our people and our products.

We started with a hugely successful product in 2004 with help from the brilliant designer Philippe Starck, and so emerged our original Countertop UV Sanitizer. This received the coveted IDSA Gold Award in 2005 (Thank you, thank you). We were excited and found ourselves on a roll with ideas on improving the experience of clean living for your daily routines of life.

Travel toothbrush holders, dental spa, the Zapi and more sprung into our collection. We produced the Slim Sonic electric travel toothbrush, which drove us to be even more creative and fun. The technology, design, and functionality of our products embrace your shifting needs and habits, whether at home, office, gym or around the globe.

Our team

We started as a family business, and we’ve nurtured a close-knit, friendly, and fun culture ever since. In order to improve people's lives with our products, we have to believe in the process. We are all here for that purpose and want to enjoy the experience of sharing our fabulous products with you.