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Violife comes from the Greek word Vios, which means Life. So it’s actually, life squared, live life to the full.

With more than 30 years of vegan products development and production experience, Violife is the world leader with a global footprint, backed by the world’s largest plant based food transformation company, Upfield.

The past few years, veganism has become more than a diet. People are concerned about the planet and the side effects of meat and dairy products.
Violife is relevant to today’s realities and mega trends, to all needs and occasions, to all audiences and types of people, to all age groups and genders.

We respect the planet.
We do not judge.
We respect everyone’s choices and we expand their options.
We bring people together by making food for everyone.
We are 100% vegan, but you don’t have to be!
We are 100% vegan, enjoyed by everyone!