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Creamy with Chives

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Creamy with Chives brings delicious freshness, perfect texture and rich depth of flavour. Smooth and spreadable, it's perfect for bagels and great for cooking too!


Water, Coconut oil, Potato starch, Sea salt, Chives, Onion, Glucono delta lactone, Flavour, Olive extract.

Parameter  Value per 100 g  
 Calories  238  
 Fat (g)  23  
  Saturated (g)  21  
  +Trans (g)  0.12  
 Carbohydrate (g)  7.5  
   Fibre (g)  0.1  
   Sugars (g)  0  
 Protein (g)  0  
 Cholesterol (mg)  0.5  
 Sodium (mg)  480  
 Potassium (mg)  8  
 Calcium (mg)  5  
 Iron (mg)  0  
 Moisture (g)  66