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Change your Cheese
Change our planet!

More and more of us are switching to a plant-based diet, at least some of the time - and everyone has their own reasons. Whether you’re vegan, flexitarian, plant-curious, or you just love delicious plant based meals, every time you make this choice you are doing a little bit extra to help the planet!

Together with Quantis, a leading sustainability consultant, we have calculated the environmental impact of 8 Violife products in the UK and compared them to dairy cheese. We evaluated the products over their life cycle – from how the ingredients are sourced, to the creation of our tasty products, to transportation, packaging, distribution, and finally packaging disposal.

This study shows that Violife products have less than half the climate footprint and occupy less than one third of the land when compared to the same amount of dairy cheese. So not only do Violife products make your favourite cheesy food taste great, they’re also better for the planet.

At Violife, we are proud to be 100% plant based, but you don’t have to be! Why not change your cheese to Violife by trying out a new plant-based recipe and see for yourself just how delicious it is – what’s more, you’ll be doing a little something to help change our planet too.

To find out more about our work with Quantis and the study and data used in these calculations, please click here.