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Violife Just Like Cream Cheese
Dairy-Free - Vegan Cream Cheese

Just Like Cream Cheese Block

Your dry bagel needs a little love. It’s dull, plain, and all alone. But add the rich, velvety texture and the unparalleled taste of Violife’s Just Like Cream Cheese Block, and suddenly that boring bagel isn’t so boring anymore. Breakfast just got good again. Everyone can indulge in cream cheese with our Just Like Cream Cheese Block, – 100% vegan and made with plant-based ingredients. With nothing holding you back, and no compromising, you can dive into this tangy, smooth spread and paint your food creamy.

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Violife Just Like Cream Cheese Block is:
Free from:
• Dairy
• Soy
• Gluten
• Lactose
• Nuts
• Preservatives
Certified by the Vegan Society
Non-GMO Project Verified
Made with plant based ingredients
Enriched with Vitamin B12

No more compromises. Violife’s Just Like Cream Cheese Block lets you have it all. Whether you’re baking dairy free desserts or adding a creamy touch to your bagel, our plant-based cream cheese delivers velvety deliciousness without any unwanted preservatives. This vegan cream cheese block is free from dairy, animal products, soy, gluten, lactose, nuts and GMOs, all the while providing 30% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin B-12 per serving. Elevate breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert with the cut-above-the-rest choice:  Just Like Cream Cheese Block.


Filtered Water, Coconut Oil, Potato Starch, Bamboo Fibers, Food Starch-Modified (Potato), Lentil Protein, Salt (Sea Salt), Dextrose, Locust Bean Gum, Lactic Acid, Flavor (Vegan Sources), Beta-Carotene (Color), Olive Extract, Vitamin B12.

Servings: 8
Serv. size: 2 tbsp (30g)

 Amount per serving    
 Calories  90  
 Total Fat  9g  12%  
   Saturated Fat  8g  40%  
 Sodium 120mg  5%  
 Total Carbohydrate 2g  1%  
Protein 0g    
 Vitamin B12  30%  

*%DV = %Daily Value